2014 National Literary Award

2014 National Literary Award

Praise for DALLAS 1963

Dallas 1963 named one of the Top 3 JFK Books: Parade magazine
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Dallas 1963 named one of the Best History Books of 2013: Amazon
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Dallas 1963 named 1 of The 5 Essential Kennedy assassination books ever written, along with books by Norman Mailer & Don DeLillo:
The Daily Beast
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Dallas 1963 named one of the Top Nonfiction Books of 2013:
Kirkus Reviews



BY BILL MINUTAGLIO & STEVEN L. DAVIS (published by Twelve)

A groundbreaking saga of American history — and a gripping narrative of rocketing madness in the American heartland. DALLAS 1963 is a literary nonfiction epic that features a doomed president, his cunning vice president, the richest man in the world, the most powerful preacher in America, a defrocked military commander, Martin Luther King, Jr., a Mafia warlord, the most extreme media mogul in the nation – and the most extreme member of Congress. DALLAS 1963 is a cinematic retelling of the ultimate perfect storm — a welling gathering of out-sized incendiary, forces. It is an intimately detailed, riveting portrait of how President John F. Kennedy was barreling straight into a corner of America that had been hijacked by hysteria.

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"After 50 years, it’s a challenge to fashion a new lens with which to view the tragic events of Nov. 22, 1963—yet Texans Minutaglio (City On Fire) and Davis (Texas Literary Outlaws) pull it off brilliantly..."   Read more

 —Publishers Weekly