Covering the Texas Floods: Minutaglio is the bestselling, PEN Center-winning author of nine books, including ones named to several "best of the year" lists, optioned by Tom Cruise/Paramount and published globally, from China to the United Kingdom.


The Most Dangerous Man in America
Dallas 1963
In Search of the Blues
Molly Ivins A Rebel Life
The President's Counselor
City on Fire
First Son
Locker Room Mojo
The Hidden City
Echoes of Texas Football
Merchants of Misery: How Corporate America Profits From Poverty
Literary Austin
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Book of The Year

DALLAS 1963 wins Nonfiction Book of The Year from the Writers' League of Texas. Click here for more details.

Pen Center Award

DALLAS 1963 wins National Literary Award from Pen Center USA.

Book of The Year

MOLLY IVINS: A REBEL LIFE wins Nonfiction Book of The Year Award from Writers' League of Texas. Click here for details.

Book of Year/Editor's Choice

New Republic, Amazon, New York Times, Kirkus, Seattle Times, etc.

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Watch the brilliant roots music band, The Naptime Shake, play "Texas City" — based on Minutaglio's book about the greatest industrial disaster in American history: view "Texas City"

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