The President's Counselor

The President's Counselor

The Rise to Power of Alberto Gonzales

The first biography, and the definitive examination, of a man who was once the most powerful Latino political figure in America—and one of the most guarded, influential men in recent American history. The son of impoverished migrant workers, Gonzales clawed his way to the inner circles of the Bush Dynasty and found himself providing the president of the United States with the most controversial legal advice of the 21st Century. The son of an alcoholic father with a second-grade education, Gonzales pushed his way to Harvard Law School and then into service as the fiercely loyal lawyer to George W. Bush. He drafted historic memos in the days following the 9/11 terrorist attaches, he advised the president on how to prosecute the war on terror and the war in Iraq. And he found himself hailed as the perfect embodiment of The American Dream—and assailed as someone who tromped with jackboots across cherished American civil liberties and standards. Enormously private, he has been one of the most influential men in America—and so little has been known about him.

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